100th Anniversary Poem

To St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church on it’s 100th Anniversary
by Lelah Urban

Sitting in the tranquil sanctuary of St. Matthew’s before Service,
coming early and sitting alone in my wheelchair, calm envelopes me.
Feeling the silence of the ages and shutting out the clamor of the world
gives me quiet peace in the presence of the Lord.
I take a deep breath and remember that breath and spirit
are synonyms in Hebrew.
Words of hymns flood my thoughts:
“My Church, my Church, my dear old Church”, “Heaven is my Home”,
“Amazing Grace”, “What a Friend We have in Jesus” and
“Blest Be the Ties that Binds”.
No longer alone, the souls of dear members who’ve gone to their
heavenly rest are with me – Arnold, Fred, Margaret, Bill and Lillian,
Christine, Patsy, Marion and Jeannette, so many
who have worshiped here in the past.
All of us have heard the Words that save and give Life Eternal.
They were faithful to the end.
We are all Christ’s building blocks. We are the Church. The church
building is lovely but not needed. Only with the Spirit’s help will be
able to follow them to the Lord’s Rest.
As we radiate love, kindness and forgiveness, St. Matthew’s Church will
last another 100 years doing the Lord’s Will.
He is the Vine, we are the branches. We must stay connected to Him or
we have no purpose and will die.
Lord, help us to remain in Dongan Hills as we spread your Word to all
our neighbors. To God be the Glory! Alleluia!

“…Telling What He Has Done” since 1915.